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When poetry meets visual art

Pluma writers, GAP Gutierrez, Mujel Hasan, and Armineonila M., coalesce with poetry and visual arts at Artspace Studio and Cafe, Salmiya, Kuwait (September 7, 2016).  

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Critique of “Dennis Prager’s Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse” 

  Prager is an articulate, even charismatic speaker but I have to disagree with a few of his points. It’s disengenious to say a big state makes people smaller because … Continue reading

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Our existence

  Another thing science offers is an evidence based place for us in the universe. We discovered using science that we are made from chemical elements of exploded stars. After … Continue reading

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Indonesian Slippers

The smell was like old cards That have seen too many Smoky hands It hung apologetically About the seldom used Drawing room Distracting occupants from the sound of the sea … Continue reading

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Wealth Without

Flat Flat Slab face Slabish place Place of slaves That no one saves That imprisons in wealth Minor Wealth But without power Wealth But without agency Wealth but without Not … Continue reading

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Whatsapp Migration

The red number icon makes a jump. I have a message from the future. The place of freedom. My thumb taps, I see the way forward. Your migration. You are … Continue reading

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Where citizens are banned from working as maids in the Kafala States

Above is a map showing which countries ban their citizens from working in countries that use what Majeed al-Alawi, Bahrain Labour Minister, has described as the Kafala slavery system. Note that bans are … Continue reading

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USA Terrorist Bombing of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

This is an animation of 1.6+m bombing sorties over Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in the decade from 1965. It was a terrorist attack, to stop communism. For further detail check … Continue reading

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A letter to the editor

Dear (The Guardian Australia) Editor, This letter is in regard to the article “Josh Frydenberg says grand mufti had ‘graphic failure’ of leadership” (accessible on Sunday 29th November 2015). I write … Continue reading

November 29, 2015 · 1 Comment

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From "A message from our pockets" by Armineonila M. Read more at
#creativewriting #literature #poem #poetry #plumawriters #migrantwriters #migrationliterature #writer From "Apolitical Intellectuals" by Otto Rene Castillo. Read more at

#poetry #ottorenecastillo #poem #apolitical #intellectual #revolutionary #literature #creativewriting Excerpt from "Tiredness" by Wilfred Waters. Read the poem here

#plumamigrantwriters #plumawriters #migantworker #literature #poetry #poem #creativewriting Kiko has a lot to tell you about his past. Meet him soon at 
#plumamigrantwriters #migrantwriters #literature #poetry #prose #fiction #intermedia #visualart #art #book

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