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Our existence



Another thing science offers is an evidence based place for us in the universe. We discovered using science that we are made from chemical elements of exploded stars. After a few billion years agglomerating then rotating and orbiting not doing much, the collection of space dust that is our planet emerged from thin, black, space. Through a few million more years of aimless, purposeless biological evolution we emerged, able to see and perceive. That it was aimless and purposeless makes our mere existence all the more wondrous. Makes us all the more lucky to be conscious and that our period of consciousness includes the opportunity to perceive this particular fact.


So, us as seeing, perceiving organisms ultimately tied to exploded stars have now evolved the light sensors to see and our version of consciousness includes the capability to process that signal and understand things from it.


One thing that may be perceived is that we are very special, as far as we know. We, and the other sensing animals on this planet, are the only known organisms within the universe that has enabled it to look back out upon itself. We are the stars (via their deaths, conversion to dust and a few billion years of planet formation and biological evolution) looking back upon themselves. If anything is making you feel unimportant or worthless within the limited range of opportunities and experiences your particular social context offers you, remember there is a universal context you are fundamentally, physically and constantly entwined with.


Just look up at the stars,. You are the same material. You’re a part of it all like your hand is a part of your body. You’re the part of the universe that can see all of it at once. That is even aware that more things exist than itself, is even aware that there is a universe. The thing that made you is unaware of the entire universe. You are the only part of it that is aware that this whole thing exists!


Your ancestors include what you see in the night sky. Others might tell you, and you might think based on your culture or social standing, that you’re nothing. But really that’s a minor part of the total means of judging your place within all of existence. A Mensa member with a megayacht in Monaco, a mansion in Messila, a membersip of the Ferrari FXX tracktest club, a Harvard education and 44 nubile, bi-curious concubines across all the continents whom he visits piloting his own G650 is only 0.000000001% more significant than a bum on the street in this context. Especially if it’s the bum, not he, that knows this.


You were once a piece of a star. Through a completely involuntary, roundabout process which had no purpose, you have the luck of being a member of the only known group of organisms in the universe which are, effectively, its eyes. Its sensors. Its perceivers. For the first time we’re aware of, meaning and purpose exist in the universe, but only as emergent properties of the consciousness that has evolved in our neural system. No meaning or purpose exists outside our heads, but there’s nothing wrong with letting that capability of ours assign some significance to our place amongst the stars. The same goes for other animals,  who also have this spark within each of them.


This can prompt us to consider what we can do for our short period of consciousness to properly realise this opportunity within us of the universe being able to look back upon itself. To look at itself through the sensors it has involuntarily evolved on our heads and the system of perceiving a meaning from those sensors within each of our heads.


All of the above is evidence based. Science is all the inspiration necessary for it. In the very least this generic meaning for a generic human is evidence enough that our lives are worth preserving, along with the life support system for them which is this one little planet amongst all the stars. This offers us motivation to get on with the transition to stewardship of our one current planet to make sure conditions for our survival persist.


Us in the context of the universe :


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