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USA Terrorist Bombing of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

This is an animation of 1.6+m bombing sorties over Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in the decade from 1965. It was a terrorist attack, to stop communism.

For further detail check out Mango Maps (thanks very much to them for providing the data) and related Stephen Kinzer speech:

You can gain an understanding of the nightmarish human impact of this terrorism by reading about Hitchens’ visit to Viet Nam:

Of this Vietnam syndrome, some of us have sworn, there will likewise be no forgetting, let alone forgiving, while we can still draw breath. But some of the victims of Agent Orange haven’t even been born yet, and if that reflection doesn’t shake you, then my words have been feeble and not even the photographs will do.

The Empire Files also provides some context for this terrorism:

And whilst I’m at it,  check out Deciphering Foreign Policy Jargon:

Another animation to finish on – a later USA terrorist attack on Afghanistan where they ran into some resistence…

Then there is this exchange from the PBS Democratic Debate.


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