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The Western World is a Global Terrorist

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Following is a discussion of the upshot of the previous two posts about borders and dictators created to benefit those ‘inside the wall’ (a concept first introduced here). The creation of disruptive borders and dictators is something to be ashamed about. We should feel guilty for the state of the world. We should feel reluctant because of this to take too much of a confrontational, righteous approach to ‘economic migrants’. We are, in some respects, getting our just deserts with this ‘migrant crisis’. We have in some ways been responsible for the poor state of these countries through our support of these dictators, and earlier construction of their borders when we were colonists. It’s no wonder there is a flood of people trying to get out of them and over the wall to safety.

In light of the Kennan quote from the previous post and the DT Architects map from the first post, it’s nice to hear that some countries inside the wall such as Germany and now the UK are open about righting past wrongs and doing good by these people. We have a lot to make up for. It’s time for a new way of dealing with the world. It’s time to call it for what it was – rule through exploiting mistrust between ethnicities forced to live within the same border and rule through fear of dictators. This is a terrible way to deal with people who are poorer and less well educated. It is the approach of an oligarch who just wants to add to his fortune. But it is also the work of a psychopath. Let us care for the world, let us do good for all of us in it. Let us be peaceful as Corbyn declared.

It is so shocking to think that all the world gets for existing ‘outside the wall’ is either a bad border or a dictator. If it is neither it was then sometimes a war for sales territory anyway, like what happened in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. This was terrorism by those from inside the wall, plain and simple. Three countries were essentially bombed into oblivion, and they never even attacked us to begin with. Let’s just be honest and say it was terrorism by the west. Another example of Western state sponsored terrorism is mentioned in Iran (is not the problem). This documentary remarks on the ICC’s judgement on Nicaragua’s case against the US, saying it was an example of such terrorism.

If we can accept that we have done very grave damage to much of the world and billions of lives through the terrorism of:

  1. imposing oppressive or incendiary borders which only suited long departed colonists
  2. imposing dictators

Then we will be on the way to understanding properly

  1. the nature of the western/ITW empire,
  2. why migrants are flooding in
  3. how much we should feel sorry for them
  4. how much work we have to do to make up for our terrorism

Overall though I don’t think we can. This is the end of Western terrorism, and a new beginning.


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