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Keeping up with the Radicals

Narration of this post for those who want to keep doing other stuff at the same time:

I come from a radical family. A family that tried to set up a new society. They were fighting a society that would send one of its members to war. A war in Southeast Asia – Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam (Laos bombing animation, Cambodia-specific bombing map, South Vietnam war). A proxy war about the sales territory of a few capitalists.

Communist Party of France, Who is the Aggressor? Who the Threat?, 1951. Source: Persuasive Maps.

For their right to sell sweet drinks, petroleum and cars amongst peasant farmers whom they fancied as consumers in the making. For their right to find more product addicts, ready to do the bidding of a few marketers’ cults of personality. A war to fight the Russian/Chinese communist culture march. To protect and nurture a feeding ground for some multinationals, trying to make a buck.

My family wouldn’t go to that war. Instead, with their whole generation, they started their own. They have been winning. The wins:

1. It is acknowledged that humans have caused ecological change on a global scale. Effects include increased temperatures, habitat fragmentation and deterioration of the services provided at no charge to humanity by the ecosystem. Due to this, environmentalism is now common. To the point that greenwashing is a thing.

2. A new American car company, the first in 50 years, has started. It makes electric cars. They are the best cars, according to Choice Magazine and Consumer Reports. They win drag races against petrol supercars. Yet they are simple commuter vehicles.

3. The guy running this company has another selling solar panels.

4. And battery packs for houses,  describing this as ‘running on stored sunlight’.

5. And he wants to make our species multi-planetary.

6. And is having a damn good crack at this designing reusable rockets.

7. America has a fledgling state health insurance system. This is an admission that this element of communism is better than what a capitalist approach to healthcare is unable to do.

8. There is no military draft anymore.

9. A number of these Western nations who fought for their corporations in Vietnam/Communism’s sphere of influence have since had female leaders.

10. This matters because females have frankly historically been piss poor under achievers regarding level of participation in public life.

11. With their talent and perspective life has improved:

11a. The first ever cigarette plain packaging law in the world was introduced by Australia’s first ever female prime minister.

11b. A royal commision into child sexual abuse in Australia’s government and religious institutions was started by the same woman. This continues the catastrophic erosion of public interest in the use of religious delusions to cope with life’s difficulties. The exposure of children to secular state education continues to assist in this transfer to an evidence based way of life.

12. Legalisation of marriage for homosexuals is sweeping through the West.

13. This signals a shift away from a totalitarian obsession with  reproduction for our species.

14. Bernie Sanders, a left radical of days gone by, is campaigning for the US presidency. America is now a bit Russian due to political influence of its own oligarchs. Yes, America has oligarchs. See Sanders talking about the Koch family in the video at the end of the last post. America was meant to be about the dream of political freedom and enterprisingness-driven prosperity for its immigrants. Immigrants escaping the various dictatorial shit-shows masquerading as nations around the world. America risks stopping being fertile soil for such motivated people. If they go elsewhere, so will its dominance. With a presidential candidate like Sanders stirring trouble, however, the people are waking up to what it will take to make America great again. As opposed to what Trump would have them believe. The existence of Sanders’ campaign is a win for this generation because it is grand scale awareness raising about an insidious force in that country, Super PACs. With their disappearance will be a political process more capable of reflecting the will of the 99% of Americans who control only 1% of its wealth. Currently, the family owning Walmart has as much money as the poorest 40% of Americans. They have a similar degree of political clout. Like the Koch family, they use this power in ways that deny the poor a fair go at achieving fortune like them, or at least prosperity. Sanders’ campaign in the very least highlights this imbalance and if successful will correct it.

15. The Cold War is over.

16. Sanctions against Cuba are over.

17. Same is just about done for Iran.

The above list of wins shows that the generation that American oligarchs tried to send to a war merely for extra sales territory has fought back successfully. Through such folly, the leaders of those nations have lost the right to send men to war against their will. This generation has in large part been successful in creating a new society, and populating it with more protege radicals, like myself.

I don’t keep up with the Joneses through consuming products. This brings me to an achievement of this new generation:

18. We have moved from a capitalist economy to a sharing economy.


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